About Us

Statecorp was founded in 2017 to manage a conglomerate of strategically developed entities that embrace online business start-up platforms, brand development, property investments, retail food initiatives, joint venture enterprise and small business communities.

Our Projects


Everything to make your start up journey fast and easy, our online platforms gets your business registered with the government and deliver all the tools you’ll need to set-up launch and market your business to the world


As a strategic outsourced branding firm, we understand how to set your business apart from the competition by giving it the tools required to get you noticed, start making money and deliver real growth

Loyalty Rewards is committed towards building an online community for Australian business. We remove the hassle of spending time searching for a better deal on all your business expenses by providing you with the best money saving options.


A property investment enterprise that aims to be at the forefront of successful, high returning investments and developments within the Australian and European market space.

Universal Food Brands

Ready to build your own food empire? Whether you’re a registered club wishing to diversify or an existing restaurant or café wanting to rebrand, our readymade retail food brands may just be the perfect recipe for you.

Urban Cleric

An agile and collaborative incubator program designed to nurture new business start-ups. Our industry leaders will help you survive and grow through the difficult and early stages of development.